ETCO Evaporative cooled hybrid chiller are desired for their ability to handle large loads at very high efficiency and low cost. They are typically used in larger commercial, industrial, and process applications and serve as the heart of central plant systems.

Using plate tube technology Patented in USA (2007), Japan (2007), Hong Kong and China, it combines condenser and cooling tower into an all-in-one packaged hybrid chiller. It will be an excellent retrofit for existing conventional air-cooled chiller system, while achieving a higher energy efficiency, better reliability and lower maintenance cost.

Why Hybrid Chiller?

  • Energy-efficient, consumes 10 – 30% less energy,
  • 45~50% less water consumption.
  • Is Easier and Cheaper to install
  • Low Operating Cost
  • Saves Space, Plant Room not Required
  • 100% Factory run test
  • Is easier to maintain.

Capacity Range : 84kw – 1185kw

Product Overview
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  • It combines condenser and cooling tower into a packaged chiller
  • All-in-one packaged chiller
  • Direct heat transfer (from refrigerant to ambient)
  • Less 45~50% water consumption
  • Air and water as medium of heat transfer
  • Cooling water spray on condenser coil
  • Thin film forms on condenser coil
  • Vapour refrigerant cools down to liquid refrigerant by latent heat
  • Cooling water evaporates off from condenser coil surface

This product is certified by MyHijau (Malaysia’s Trusted Green Recognition Scheme). For further information please visit MyHijau for certification enquiries.