Breezair range of evaporative coolers deliver lots of cool, 100% fresh air, at much lower costs than refrigerated cooling methods.

For more than four decades,our brand have been synonymous with leading-edge technology, innovative design and superior cooling performance, in addition to outstanding product reliability and ease of maintenance. Our dedication to innovation through the highest standards of research, engineering and manufacture, as well as our commitment to excellence in customer service, all combine to deliver the best possible cooling systems at the best possible price.

Why Breezair?

  • Is more energy-efficient and cheaper to run when compared to a standard efficiency ducted refrigerated system!
  • Delivers 100% fresh air
  • Is easier and cheaper to install
  • Improves productivity through fresh, clean air (less chance of Sick Building Syndrome or other air-borne problems)
  • Is healthier for the environment – drastically reduced power use, no harmful emissions and no synthetic refrigerants
  • Is easier to maintain.

Breezeair Official Video