Building Automations and Controls

SAUTER’s smart building automation offers solutions that serve industries from workplaces to schools, hospitals, and much more, making buildings come alive. It comes with AI-driven capabilities that ensure optimal room climate conditions with monitoring, regulation, Optimization, risk assessments, and a lot more.


Intelligent Building Management

SAUTER building automation links the existing systems and optimizes their interaction for maximum energy efficiency.

It automatically determines (for example, using presence detectors and sensors) the actual requirement for heating, cooling, fresh air, light and shade in the rooms and provides the energy in the right amount, at the right time, and in the right location.

This type of needs-based building automation system prevents energy waste and results in a noticeable and worthwhile reduction in operating costs with swift repayment.

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Other Solutions

Hybrid Chillers

ETCO Evaporatively cooled Chillers are desired for their ability to handle large loads at very high efficiency and low cost.

Direct Evaporative Coolers

Breezair Direct Evaporative Coolers deliver 100% fresh air, at much lower costs than refrigerated cooling methods.

Indirect Evaporative Coolers

Climate Wizard Evaporative Coolers chill by delivering 100% fresh air, at much lower costs than refrigerated cooling methods.

Variable Speed Drives

Schneider Electric Variable Speed Drives (known as adjustable frequency drives or frequency inverters) offer optimized speed.

Sensors and Transmitters

GREYSTONE Sensors and Transmitters have complimented Building Automation controls for over 30 years.

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionizer (NPBI)

iAIRE‘s offering includes a patent-pending process and line of commercial HVAC products that employ air purification using ionization


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